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Why buy a used vehicle?

There are lots of reasons to buy a used vehicle, especially from Silverhill Acura!
A pre-owned vehicle has great value; you can get a better price on a nicer vehicle, so that Acura CSX, MDX, RDX, RSX, or TL you've always wanted becomes even more affordable. Additionally, continual ownership prices (like insurance) are also less, so you'll save even more in the long term. Buying Used can sometimes be a matter of balancing value with any risk that might be involved, but we at Silverhill Acura help a lot to mitigate that risk by thoroughly testing each used vehicle before selling it. Let's talk a bit about the factors involved in buying and owning a used car!

The Investment

Spending less up-front on a vehicle means having more money to invest in other things. A vehicle is quite an investment, and it's smart to consider paying less for something comparable-and yes, a used vehicle is often quite comparable to a new one in terms of its quality, reliability, and safety features. Read on to find out more about this, and about what other financial considerations are involved.

Reliability and Safety

When you buy Used from Silverhill Acura, you can be sure you're buying quality and reliability. Silverhill Acura puts every single one of its used vehicles through a rigorous inspection of all major systems, so your pre-owned Acura will be road-ready and also ready for a lifetime with you, its new owner. You won't be buying a lemon from us.
There was a time when buying Used was scary. Major engine, transmission, exhaust-system, and rust issues were quite common, but today, that's changed. Technology has improved a lot more than you might consider, and major brands like Acura, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have refined the manufacturing process to produce much more dependable vehicles. Properly maintained, modern used vehicles could easily hit 200,000 miles on the road without needing a single major overhaul. Used vehicles have just become much more reliable over the last decade, so there's that much less risk involved in buying one!
You'll also like that features like antilock brakes, traction control, and side air bags have been standard for many years now, so you can expect these important features in many of our used vehicles!


A used car from Silverhill Acura is going to have long-term value for you because it will depreciate slowly in market value. New car models tend to lose their market value more quickly. Typically, a new car will lose about 45% of its market value within the first three years of being on the market. However, during the next three years, it loses only 23% of its value, and then even less in following years. This varies a lot, depending on the model, but buying Used usually means you spend less up-front and, down the road, it won't lose a lot of its value.
There is a great deal of value in a used vehicle. A used car that's been on the market for a few years has depreciated in market value, which means you're buying a vehicle that's at a lower price only because it's not brand new anymore and has been driven a bit.
Financing and Insurance
Financing or taking out a loan on a used vehicle with Silverhill Acura is typically the same price as financing a new vehicle would be, but insuring a used vehicle generally costs less, so you'll save more money in the long term!
When you add up all the immediate and future costs, you see just how much less expensive buying and owning a used car is. And you also get a great vehicle with everything you'll need in a new car-minus the new car smell, only!