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Dealership hours of operation
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The care and maintenance of your vehicle go beyond a visit to our Service Department.

Silverhill Acura is proud to offer complete and professional in-house detailing services from our newly expanded state-of-the-art Detail department. Our team of experienced detailing technicians will ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in pristine condition, after enjoying a day at the Silverhill Acura Spa. We offer 3 packages to fit your vehicle’s needs on any make or model. Call us today to book your appointment.

Our Detail Packages Bronze Package Starting at  Cars $69.95 Van/Suv $79.95 Silver Package Starting at      Cars $219.95  Van/SUV $239.95  Gold Package     Starting at           Cars $ 339.95      Van/SUV $359.95
Degrease door handles, wheels/tires, wheel wells, and door jambs Included Included Included
Power-wash wheels/tires and wheel wells Included Included Included
Power-wash all rubber mats and apply rubber dressing Included Included Included
Exterior hand-wash and dry Included Included Included
Complete interior vacuum including trunk/hatch/storage areas Included Included Included
Complete interior wipe-down of the dash, cup-holders, consoles, and instrument cluster Included Included Included
Vinyl dressing where applicable Included Included Included
Inside and out window cleaning Included Included Included
Tire-dressing application Included Included Included
Exterior bug acid and tar removal Included Included
Exterior clay-bar treatment/fallout removal Included Included
Power-wash of door jambs/hatch seams Included Included
Power-wash/shampoo carpet floor mats Included Included
Spot stain treatment and removal (subject to inspection) Included Included
Clean leather, door panels, vinyl/rubber trims, and apply the vinyl dressing Included Included
Deodorize interior (spray application upon customer request) Included Included
Hand wax application Included Included
Degrease, shampoo, and power-wash engine bay Included
Apply dressing in the engine bay Included
Complete clean of wheels and all chrome trims and moldings (wheel acid treatment if applicable) Included
Complete scrub down of all exterior and interior rubber door seals and plastic trims Included
Complete scrub down of all interior fabrics, leathers, plastics, and vinyl parts Included
Complete shampoo of all interior upholstery and carpet floors Included
Complete headliner and window visors cleaning (subject to inspection/material type) Included
Complete dressing and reconditioning of all rubbers, leathers, plastic, and vinyl trims Included
Complete 2 stage polish (cut polish, swirl polish, and wax application Included